Life and Secrets of Almina Carnarvon

Latest Book From William Cross, FSA Scot on Almina's Nursing Homes

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 "Lady Carnarvon's Nursing Homes : Nursing the Privileged in Wartime and Peace" written by  William Cross,  FSA Scot


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Among the stories of Almina's patients  in the book are the following :


Captain George Paynter of the Scots Guards : Highclere Military Hospital, 1915

Hon. Aubrey Herbert : Irish Guards : Highclere Military Hospital, 1915

Mrs Willie James : Alfred House, 1929

Lady Diana Cooper : Alfred House, 1929

Prince Henry,  The Duke of Gloucester : Alfred House, 1931

The birth of Prince William of Gloucester, The Glebe, 1941

Actresses, Politicians, and Society Dames - Various dates

Many births in Alfred House and the Glebe are listed



          Stories of two of Almina's Staff at Alfred House Nursing Home


The book also features detailed articles about Nurse Jean Robertson, later Hudson and Margaret Lawson, nee Sharp,  two of Almina's members of staff who worked for her in the 1930s at Alfred House.


The late Jean Robertson's story is revealed dwith some wonderful photographs and documents by her family, the Hudsons who now live in Totonto, Canada.  


Margaret's story is particularly moving and important, and even moreso, as she told it personally to William Cross, who interviewed the remarkable ninty-five-year-old in order to record her experiences and in order to express her gratitude to Almina, Countess of Carnarvon.  Vividly told in Margaret's own words, Almina quite literally changed her life. Margaret attributes her long life to the actions of  Lady Almina Carnarvon.


              Elizabeth Howard, Elsie,  4th Countess of Carnarvon


There is also a detailed appreciation in the book  of Elizabeth ( Elsie ),  the 4th Countess of Carnarvon, ( a member of the Howard family of Greystoke Castle, Cumbria ) who worked tirelessly for wounded soldiers  in Egypt during the Great War.


 "Lady Carnarvon's Nursing Homes : Nursing the Privileged in Wartime and Peace" ISBN 978-1-905914-03-6 is 100 pages long, with over 80 photographs and illustrations.  The cost is  £10.00 + post and packing. (  Please add for p &p  UK £1.50, Rest of the World £4.50)


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William Cross, FSA Scot


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Will Cross comments : My top hat goes off to the enterprising seller on  who is offering a copy of the original version of " The Life and Secrets of Almina Carnarvon" for the remarkable sum of  $129.92.......A wonderful record so far!  I'm flattered and impressed and when you have finished reading  your copy  I would advise you to sell, sell, sell......

I predicted the book would ultimately find its rightful price!

Well, what might this book be worth in 2012 on the 90th anniversary of Tutankhamun's find or 2022 on the Boy King's centenary?  It was afterall Almina Carnarvon who appealed to Alfred de Rothschild for funding for Lord Carnarvon's excavations in the Valley of the Kings which led to the great discovery of the century, in 1922. 

Matters remain somewhat calmer on Amazon uk, but time is running out if readers do want a copy of the book at a reasonable price. The First Edition is now virtually exhausted.  The Second Edition, which is a general reader edition ( with a larger type face ) and now runs to 370 pages  ( no footnotes/ index ) is available from 15 September.......but there are very limited supplies.



The Life and Secrets of Almina Carnarvon from William Cross, FSA Scot

By Dr. Alfred Jones, Phd,   Consultant : Historic Mysteries web-site

St Paul, Minnesota, Melbourne, Australia and Houston, Texas are all venues for the world famous exhibit of the wonderful artefacts from the tomb of the Egyptian boy king Tutankhamun. Generation after generation since the discovery of the tomb in 1922 have never seemed to tire of seeing this exhibit as it has travelled the world.


How many know the very real and personal accounts of the lives of the principals involved in this discovery? In point of fact, how much is known of the British aristocracy during the late Victorian age and well into the 20th Century? How much is known about the life of Lord Carnarvon and his family as it pertained not only to the discovery, but also to life of the British royals and upper classes? The three entities, King Tutankhamun, Howard Carter and the Carnarvon family are very much intertwined.


To gain a thorough, fascinating and scholarly account of this subject, one is encouraged to read the recently written book, THE LIFE AND SECRETS OF ALMINA CARNARVON, the life and times of the wife of the 5th Earl of Carnarvon by William Cross, FSA Scot.


The reader is taken on a fascinating journey through the mazes, the highways and byways of aristocratic England over a span of a hundred years being ultimately punctuated by the Egyptian discovery. It is candid in the extreme as it opens doors previously securely locked.


One cannot give complete attention to Egypt in the 18th dynasty without having vital knowledge of the very dysfunctional Carnarvon clan. One cannot appreciate fully what was happening in Egypt in the absence of specific knowledge of Lord and Lady Carnarvon, their lives and circumstances.


In using a contemporary terminology, this story is mind-boggling. How could this cast of characters do what they did, live the lives they did and maintain any degree of sanity or stay within the bounds of cultural acceptable values?


Ultimately, Almina, the Countess of Carnarvon turned her life around and was able to make an extremely valuable contribution to British medicine.  The author puts forth great effort to illustrate her efforts in this regard.


Since the account of the discovery of the tomb, it is vital that the life and time of Lord Carnarvon be presented, warts and all.


Written with research thoroughness, this book is highly recommended for anyone interested in both history as well as aspects of human behaviour.



Further reviews and comments on " The Life and Secrets of Almina Carnarvon" by William Cross, FSA Scot,  can be found at the link below.





Lady Carnarvon's Nursing Homes: Nursing the Privileged in Wartime and Peace ” 

         A famous actress leaves Alfred House in 1937-9

                   But Who Is She? 


Next month, William Cross, FSA Scot, will publish a follow-up book to " The Life and Secrets of Almina Carnarvon"  entitled  Lady Carnarvon's Nursing Homes: Nursing the Privileged in Wartime and Peace ”. This will focus on  Almina’s staff  of doctors, nurses and famous patients from her hallowed  days of nursing between 1914 and 1943,  with over 100 photographs. The book will also include a recent  interview with a surviving 95 year-old-lady who worked for Almina between 1937 and 1939.  There will also be an appreciation of Elizabeth, ( Elsie ),  the 4th Countess of Carnarvon, who worked tirelessly for wounded soldiers  in Egypt during the Great War. If you are interested,  please contact Will Cross for more details about the book, including the cost and release date. 


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To hear the author, William Cross, in person, come along to Newport Library on 22 July 2011, at 2.30pm for an illustrated talk on Lady Carnarvon's Nursing Homes .